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Server Information

♦ Rates Base: 330.00x Job: 130.00x.

♦ Level Base: 255 Job: 99.

♦ Drops Rate Normal Card: 5%.

♦ Drops Rate Mvp Card: 0.75%.

♦ Max Stat 150./ ♦ Instant Cast DEX 190.

♦ Max ASPD 196.

Welcome to Berserker Ragnarok Online

A unique and private, free to play 255/99 Ragnarok Online server. Our server is based on the famous AvalonRO, Trying to adquire unique gameplay. BerserkerRO is guaranteed to give you a one of a kind gaming experience. Balanced classes, strict and upgraded server security, advanced anti-duping and third party program protection. BerserkerRO Management and staff has had their titles prior to their expertised to offer you the best, fast, fair-play gaming services.
So get ready and come play with us! see you-in game!

  • Andlangr
    00:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Berserker Staff
Miyamoto Musashi
  • Usui
  • JoeChill
  • Souzzi
  • Phoenix