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    • Hello, npc is not there. Where is start for quest?
    • Hello dear players. In this guide you can find a way to quest the Fumma Shuriken Mugetsu (leg ninja) the steps are: 1. We will go to Amatzu town and look for the NPC Lori (276, 244). After talking with him for a while he will ask us for the following items: 300 White Herbs 1500 Witch Starsands 1500 Fluff 50 Poring Cards 2. Lori will tell you that those items she needs for an herbal potion, when she delivers them she will give you information about a merchant named Lucas who is in the forests of Payon (Pay_fild06 115, 235). Find him and talk to him. 3. When you talk to Lucas, he will ask for the following items: 2 Bloody Axes 2 Light Epsilons 1 Sunglasses (1) 3 Clips (1) 150 Condensed White Potions 600 Fabrics 4. After you deliver the items to Lucas, he will tell you to look for Yui in Geffen Town ... Be careful Yui is inside a house in Geffen, then the way to find Yui: 5. When you talk to Yui you have to be careful because he will test you. I will ask you if you are prepared (to which you will answer yes). Then you will be warped into a room and click on Yui's chat as shown in the image: 6. You will have to kill the waves of monsters that appear in the room (in total there are 3 waves). After that I will war you to the same place to talk to her again 7. When you talk to Yui, he will tell you a story and that Soichiro is your beloved. But first you will have to look for someone in Lighthalzen Town called Jordei (344, 228). He is in the marginal part of Lighthalzen ----> Right side of the map. 8. Jordei will be drunk ... you will talk to him and tell him that he will tell you where this Yoichiro (Yui's lover) is, if you can guess his game. for that he will ask you to look for his 3 children and each child will tell you a part of a sentence that you will have to order and write it correctly. The location of the children is: Mirkl (Lighthalzen 129, 213). Key word: "The Master" Ren (Rachel Town 109, 190) Keyword: "is full of regret" Eri (You can find Eri a map outside pyramides level 1 in the following photo shows where you can locate her 94, 142). Keyword: "At the over-matured sushi" 9. When you have the 3 keywords of Jordei's children you must return to lighthalzen and order them in a way that allows you to continue with the quest. PAY ATTENTION TO THE ORDER OF PHRASES IN THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS: in this same order they must write the sentences 10. After completing the sentences Jordei will tell you that he has a friend in Rachel Town who has information about Yoichiro his name is Aidan (247, 80): 11. I will ask him if he is Aidan and in addition to this he will be told that Jordei has sent you. He will tell you that he will give you information but if you help him with some items: 1000 Frozen Rose 1000 Ice Cubic 1000 Ice Heart 15 Ice Titan Card 12. When you deliver the items to Aidan, he will tell you that the last time they saw Yoichiro was through the towers of Hugel (Be careful, Yoichiro is really in disguise and is not in Hugel Town, he is in Odin_temp 03). Yoichiro is dressed up as an NPC called Cloaked Man in Odin dun 03 at the next location (253, 243). You will ask him if you know where Yoichiro is: You will tell him that you want to learn from him 13. He will ask you for the following items: 1 Baphomet Card 1 Incantation Samurai 10 Embryos 14. When you deliver the items, the Fumma Shuriken Mugetsu will deliver you. Well guys, that has been all ... We hope this guide has been helpful .. Remember to comment if you have any difficulty to perform the quest !!! See you soon...  
    • Hello dear players. In this guide you can find a way to quest the Swordbreaker and Mailbreaker ... The steps are: 1. The first sequence will be the quest of the Smile Mask, which we can perform in the NPC called `` Smile Assistance '' Located at the coordinates 147 195 of Prontera Capital for them we will need the following items: 10 Jellopys 10 Fluff 10 Clover   2. Once you have successfully obtained the Smile Mask, we will have to go to the City of Umaba to learn the Wootan Language, you must go to the Cordenanada follower 65 252 and previously enter the portal where you will find Utan Chief 3. They should have a brief conversation with him until he asks if you want to learn the Utan Language, for which he will ask you a couple of requirements to get the language (It is essential to have the Smile Mask equipped) 10 Oil Paper 5 Slick Paper 1 Feather of Birds 1 Squid Ink 1 Mr. Smile Maks     4. Once the items have been delivered you will have already learned the native language of Umbala to move on to the next step and be able to communicate with Hibilaithan that is located in the city of Umabala in the following coordinate `` 161 267 '' remember to continue to the letter otherwise you will not be able to access the end of the quest 5. Once here we will talk to Hibilaithan who will ask you for the last remaining items to get your weapons 10 Gold 50 Steal 10 Emperium 30 Muscovite (for Mailbreaker) 30 Biotite (for Swordbreaker) 6. Once you have done with each of the items, it will give you the option to start with the weapon you want in this case (Muscovite Mailbreaker) 7. After having chosen (Musvovite) for the elaboration of your Mailbreaker he will ask you some questions which you must answer in this Order * Manuk * Alice * Zealotus * Isis * Manuk 8. At the end of the questions you will be granted the corresponding weapon `` Mailbreaker '' (0) Ready for use or to be Slotted (3) FOR MAKE SWORBREAKER FOLLOW THIS STEPS 9. We will repeat this step to elaborate the Swordbreaker with the following response sequence (Biotite) * Manuk * Alice * Zealotus * Isis * Alice At the end of this sequence we will deliver 1 Swordbreaker (0) Ready for use or to Slot 10.  This step is not mandatory after finishing your weapons you can use them immediately, the enchant socket is to go one step further and have more advantage to equip your favorite cards Note: If you want to slot these weapons you can go to the city of Payon to the chains 236 198 where you can talk to Leablem to follow the Socket Enchant guide, you must keep in mind that this weapon is S-class which has only 10% Slot probability There is a possibility that the process will fail, if the attempt fails, the weapon and the combined cards will be destroyed. The material and zeny required are not refundable even if the attempt fails. Make sure you don't have multiples of the "socket enchanted item" in your inventory. For example, if you have a Manteau +7 and a normal Manteau in your inventory, the NPC will randomly choose them for the attempt to add slots. Therefore, just remember to take only one of the devices to which you want to add a slot In this section you must go to the session of `` Weapons / Class S / Swordbreaker or Mailbreaker '' Requirements 5 Oride with each 10 Steal each 1,000,000 Zeny each Well guys, that has been all ... We hope this guide has been helpful .. Remember to comment if you have any difficulty to perform the quest !!! See you soon...
    • Hello dear players. In this guide you can find a way to quest the Axe of Omniscience (Leg Creator) ... The steps are: 1. We will go to Aldebaran Town and enter the next house (68.56). Follow the images. 2. We will talk to the NPC Jeremiah, which is between the two book shelves. We will ask what happens. 3. After talking to him for a while he will ask us for the following items: 200 Research Charts 4. When we deliver them, he will tell us a story and ask us for more items: 1 Sage´s Diary 50 Stoge of Sage 5. When delivering the items, he will ask for more and more items ... (this guy thinks I'm rich, xD): 50 Steel 50 Iron 1000 Clattering Skulls 300 Animal Gore 250 Resin 20 Necklace of Wisdom 200 Gold Coin 50 Bloody Edge 6. Deliver them and ask for other items: 1 Dagger of Counter 50 Old Card Album 20 Forbidden Red Candles 20 Executtioner´s Mitten 50 Gold 1 Deviling Card 1 Dracula Card 7. Finally when we deliver these last items we will finish telling the story and give us the AoO Well guys, that has been all ... We hope this guide has been helpful .. Remember to comment if you have any difficulty to perform the quest !!! See you soon......
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