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  2. Hello guys in this guide we will learn the recolor Cupid Wings process with the NPC located at Alberta (119, 238) 1. We talk with "Recolor Cupid's": He will tell us about the recolor options:
  3. Hello guys in this guide we will learn the coin exchange process (zeny to coin and coin to zeny) via "Coin Exchanger" NPC located at Prontera (180, 214): 1. We talk with Coin Exchanger old man located aside from Banker NPC: Hablaremos con el NPC anciano "Coin Exchanger" localizado al costado del NPC Banker: 2. He will give us two options // Él nos dará dos opciones: a) Convert Zeny into Bags (Bag of Gold Coins) // Convertir Zeny en Bag of Gold Coins and b) Convert Bag of Gold Coins into Zeny // Convertir Bag of Gold Coins en Zeny In this case we will choose convert a Bag of Gold Coins into Zeny: En este caso escogeremos convertir la Bag of Gold Coins en Zeny: 3. Finally if you want to convert your Bag of Gold Coins into Zeny you must choose the first option: Finalmente si queremos convertir nuestra Bag of Gold Coins en Zeny deberemos escoger la primera opción: WARNINGS!!!!!! WARNINGS!!!!!! WARNINGS!!!!!! WARNINGS!!!!!! WARNINGS!!!!!! WARNINGS!!!!!! WARNINGS!!!!!! To avoid losing money, make maximum conversions of 2 Billions (2,000,000,000z). Para evitar pérdidas de dinero realicen conversiones máximas de dinero de 2 Billones (2,000,000,000z).
  4. 1. We go to Louyang Dungeon 3 (29 256) and talk with Valkyrie NPC:
  5. Hello Guys! I happened to stumble this page and figured it is a server based on Avalon and got me interested. Anyone from Avalon? Looking forward to complete my download soon and chat ya'll in game. Ciao!
  6. Ah, se me olvido añadir que despues de que se desactivara el PVP, el HW empezo a tirar Dead Branch como se aprecia en 1 de las screenshots, tampoco les importo cuando les dije que les tome screenshot para reportarlos.
  7. Saludos, Quisiera hacer un reporte porque segun las reglas #15 que dice : "No molestes a otros jugadores. Esto se aplica a PvM, PvP e interacciones sociales." y la #19 que dice: "Las reglas no se limitan a las escritas aquí. El hecho de que no se mencione específicamente no significa que esté permitido. Utilice el sentido común." tengo entendido que es de sentido común que no se debe acosar a un jugador que esta simplemente farmeando sin molestar a nadie y menos siendo nuevo sin tener enemistades con nadie (Bueno, creo que ahora si me he conseguido varias supongo). Mi razón principal por el que hago esto es porque yo trabajo y tengo poco tiempo de lunes a sabados, a penas juego 3 o 4 horas comunmente fuera del trabajo y jugar creator demanda horas de farmeo y a esto incluir que quizas ni pueda por razones personales y que cuando yo quiera dedicar unas horas lleguen este tipo de jugadores a molestar considerando que ya en los dungeons de MVPS hay bastante PvP, no le veo sentido venir a molestar o buscar PvP con un jugador farmeando. El champion y el HW son los mas insistentes en molestar, tengo screenshot de un stalker de esa misma guild el cual no pondre porque ya me ha dejado en paz y no ha vuelto, quisiera saber si seria posible poner ese dungeon no PVP por favor. PD: Con Creator Flamel por ejemplo he conversado amistosamente y nos hemos repartido o llegado en acuerdos sobre farmear las emptys, lo mismo con otros que vienen a veces a farmear y ya hay players ocupando las respectivas zonas de farmeo de huevos y yo les he cedido una parte para que farmeen tambien, seria posible agregar mas zonas con huevitos (Es adicional, lo que deseo es el desactivar PVP en Ant Hell01). No se si sancionaran los Players en las screenshots, pero si que quiten el pvp por favor o hacer otro mapa identico con farmeo pasivo donde no salga la maya purple. Players en las screenshots: HW: Lezard Valeth Champion: Hunab Ku PD2: las screens se ven mal aca, si las quieren en mejor resolucion las puedo enviar a donde me las pidan.
  8. when im try to run the game that error pop up instaly
  9. Hello Berserkers, we will learn to make recolor Berserker Clips: 1. We drive to Ayothaya a map to the right (ayo_fild01 110, 305) with Mystko Recolor: 2. Options available: 3. To create Green Berserker Clip (2) Recolor is needed: 3. To create Yellow Berserker Clip is needed:
  10. I have downloaded the game several times, and it always have a problem, i just downloaded the full version (not the google drive one) and it dosn't have a file extention, so i don't know what else to do.
  11. I need help to change my password, but the link to reser it that gets to my email, do not work. please help. Necesito ayuda para cambiar mi contraseña, debido a que la liga que me da la pagina no funciona.
  12. Hello dear players. In this guide you can find a way to quest the Black Valk Quest... The steps are: 1. First you go to top side of Prontera Town. near the castle entrance (170 301) You will have to look for this NPC, it will ask for the following items: 1 Ghostring Card 3 Grimnir Card 50 Unripe Apple 30 Loki's Whispers 1000 Soft Feather 1 Eddga 50 Million Zeny
  13. Hello dear players. In this guide you can find a way to quest the White Guardian Wings ... The steps are: 1. First you need to walk. to Geffen (128, 67) You will look for the NPC called "War Helmet", to be asked for the following items in order to create the dex hats: *Note all the dex hats ask for the same items The items for those hats are the following: 100 Gold Coins 500 Cursed Water 1000 Soft Feather 40 Loki's Whisper 200 Old Manteau 50 Gold 1 Drake Card 1 Evil Lord Snake Card 20 Cecil Damon Card 20 Chen Card 150.000.000z HELM OF DARKNESS HELM OF FLAME HELM OF HORN HELM OF WOLF
  14. From this moment on, the Berserker Ro community is informed, the call for the Sub Gm vacancy is closed ... We appreciate your participation ... The chosen one will be notified Ingame and the subsequent presentation will be made.
  15. Hi Everyone!, here's my application for Sub-GM 1-I've been playing for over 10 years in mid-rate servers 2- Never been a GM but I always have been reporting bugs, suggestions and testing new thing with the game Staffs 3- Excalibur RO, Berserker RO 4- I speak English and Spanish a. I really love this server and i'love to see it grows day by day and be part of that by helping, supporting players and staffs b. I'd improve the balance of the server to make it even more balanced jobs and gameplay, make it more enjoyable, listening to players and taking notes from them. Also fix bugs, fix not functional NPCs, adding more quests, guides, builds to the forums, another idea/plan is to make competitive events and a PVP Pro room where players cant use Berry 🙂 and the most important thing is that players feel that they're not alone and have support all the time. c. I'm result oriented and a believer of teamwork, combined with that i'm a very active player, plenty of time to be online due to i work from home, always friendly and respectful willing to help everyone. -Quilvio -chars: Merlina, Fu Yin, Sarah Connor
  16. Hello dear players. In this guide you can find a way to recolor you Blue Fairy Wings if you want... The steps are: 1. Drive to near the center spawn side of Payon (180, 240) and talk with the NPC: PURPLE BUTTERFLY WINGS GOLD BUTTERFLY WINGS ORANGE BUTTERFLY WING GREEN BUTTERFLY WING RED BUTTERFLY WING SILVER BUTTERFLY WING
  17. Hello dear players. In this guide you can find a way to quest the recolor you Guardian Wings ... The steps are: 1. We drive to top right side of Prontera behind the Church (269, 354) and talk with the NPC: 2.The NPC will ask you for the following items: BLUE GUARDIAN WINGS BROWN GUARDIAN WINGS CYAN GUARDIAN WINGS GREEN GUARDIAN WINGS
  18. My applications for SUB-GM requirements: -WilloW 1. I have been playing Ragnarok for at least 8 years in differente servers from low-mid to mid-high rates. 2. My experiences in the area of GM are: Support Staff, Event GM, and basic Developer knowledge. I have the availability required and the knowledge in both languages and a basic knowledge of others if required. Answers: a. My main reasons are wanting the server to keep growing and entertaining our players with my experience in events as well as giving the necessary support to our staff and to our players when is required, b. My plans to improve our great server is try to balance the server to give it longer life furthermore the fact of keep our players active and engaged with Berserker. This can be achieved/done with some improvements in the areas of balancing jobs, improve the economy, fix some bugs/exploits, ponder the stats of donations in order to give similar stats and none get more out of it than others (however consider some only for specific jobs), and others plans/improvements like improve and balance MVP dmg dealt/health and the lvling of those mvps who need lvl to let some killers won despite of the great PVP of his teams. c. Firstly, just as a measure of your Berserker Staff experience I really believe that my knowledge can be useful to solve and improve this server. So, even that, my active commitment and knowledge in the area will allow me to carry out an integral work as part of this great Staff. ~WilloW
  19. Good morning Berserkers We officially open the call for the position of Sub Gm on our server. In this topic you can post your application with the following requirements 1. Game time in Ragnarok online. 2. Experience related to the position of GM in Ragnarok online. 3. Servers you have played in the last 5 years. 4. Have a minimum time availability of 4 hours per day. 5. Be respectful with the players, the impartial with the decisions. 6. Master at least 2 languages (English and Spanish). In addition to this information, you must answer the following questions: a. ¿What are your reasons for joining the Berserker Staff? b. ¿What would you contribute to the Berserker community and tell us about your improvement plan for our server? C. ¿Why should we choose you as Sub Gm and what would you do to improve our varied Staff? We wish good luck to those who want to be part of the staff in the next few days we will be communicating our decision Berserker Staff Muy buenos dias Berserkers Oficialmente abrimos la convocatoria para el cargo de Sub Gm en nuestro servidor. En este topico pueden postear su aplicativo con los siguientes requerimientos 1. Tiempo de juego en Ragnarok online. 2. Experiencia relacionada con el cargo de Gm en Ragnarok online. 3. Servidores que has jugado en los ultimos 5 años. 4. Tener disponibilidad de tiempo minímo de 4 horas por dia. 5. Ser respetuoso con los jugadores el imparcial con las decisiones. 6. Dominar minímo 2 idiomas (Ingles y español). Adicional a esta información deberás responder a las siguientes preguntas: a. ¿Cuales son tus razones para ingresar al Staff de Berserker? b. ¿Qué le aportarias tu a la comunidad de Berserker y cuentanos tu plan de mejoramiento para nuestro servidor? c. ¿Por qué deberíamos escogerte a ti como Sub Gm, y que harias para mejorar nuestro variado Staff? Les deseamos mucha suerte a los que desean hacer parte del staff en los proximos dias estaremos comunicandoles nuestra desicion Berserker Staff.
  20. Sí, cada job tiene qué hacer su arma legendaria correspondiente.
  21. Hello dear players. In this guide you can find a way to quest the Majora´s Mask ... The steps are: 1. The NPC is located in Gonryun Town on 44 444. The name is Happy Mask Salesman. It will tell you that it can make you the Majora's Mask and it will ask you for the following items: 150 Gold Coin 350 Feather 100 Four Leaf Clover 100 Broken Shell 475 Crystal Mirror 45 Fan Of Haiti 25 Agate 50 Token Of The Ox 75 Amethyst 50 Vallhalla´s Flower 300.000.000 Zenys 1 Eddga Card 45 Chivalry Emblem 20 Citrin 2. When you deliver the items, he will give you the Majora's Mask. Well guys, that has been all ... We hope this guide has been helpful .. Remember to comment if you have any difficulty to perform the quest !!! See you soon.....
  22. Hello dear players. In this guide you can find a way to quest the Leprechaun Hat ... The steps are: 1. We headed over to geffen field 07 (the field is on the left side of Geffen Town) at the 268 289 ropes and spoke to the NPC Lucky Hat Traveler. He will tell us if we are intere sted in a hat that offers unmatched states (Luk + 25 and allows you to use level 3 mamonite). 2. In order to make this hat you will ask us for the following items: 150 Gold Coins 350 Clovers 100 Four Leaf Clover 15 Darkgreen Dyestuff 475 Rough Wind 475 Green Bijou 25 Muscovite 50 Token Of The Ox 300 Animal Skin 25 Baby Leopard Card 350.000.000 Zeny 1 Moonlight Flower Card 20 Grove Card 3 Toad Card 3. Upon delivery of the items, the NPC will give us the Leprechaun Hat. Well guys, that has been all ... We hope this guide has been helpful .. Remember to comment if you have any difficulty to perform the quest !!! See you soon...............
  23. Hi dear players / Hola queridos jugadores In this guide we will know about craft Mini Demon Wings (1). / En esta guia aprenderemos a crear las Mini Demon Wings (1) 1. Go to Gefenia 01 on the entrance across the bridge (59,171) with Half-Dragon-Man. 2. He will ask for the following items in order to create Mini Demon Wings (1): List: *150 Gold Coins from events *250 Little Evil Wings (ID 1039) *100 Hand of God (ID 1009) *15 Black Dyestuff (ID 983) *50 Blade Lost in Darkness (ID 7023) *2 Evil Wing Ears (0) (ID 5068) this headgear is a quest that can be made at yuno with Old Blacksmith NPC (241,52) (https://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=10000&qid=10020) *5 Will of Red Darkness (ID 7566) drop from Gloom Under Night MVP. *250 Animal Skin (ID 919) *500 Soft Feather (ID 7063) *250.000.000 zeny *1 Dark Lord Card *20 Gargoyle Card *20 Pyroxene (ID 7296) drop from Mutant Dragonoid.
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