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  2. There are many colors of pants, but if you want to choose a pair of classic and versatile pants, I believe many people will choose black. Maybe because it is too common, black pants have always become a hidden item in the wardrobe. We often ignore its existence, but it is the most versatile and practical item that can bring us a sense of security. In winter, you can always believe in "black pants". It has its own subtle and elegant temperament and can be the base color of all outfits. No matter what color top you wear, you can match black pants. Pick people, and they look good in any combination. This issue has carefully selected 4 pairs of black pants for everyone, I believe you will also rediscover its beauty. 1: Black nine-point long cigarette pants The cigarette pants are slim but not too tight. They are neat and thin and can modify the shape of your legs. If you are not confident about your leg shape, then black cigarette pants are the savior. The black cigarette pants are in a nine-point-long style, revealing the instep and slender ankles, which have a visually thinner and taller effect, and are cleaner and neater. In terms of matching, you can use it to match a regular sweater or a suit jacket, which is elegant and a little intellectual, simple and beautiful. If you want to be more advanced, you can choose black cigarette pants made of leather. The unique texture and luster of leather make it look more advanced. Pair it with a black turtleneck and a "Little Fragrance" tweed jacket, or pair it with an off-white cable-knit sweater for a sweet and cool look. 2: black tights Although wide-leg pants and straight-leg pants are more popular in recent years, no matter how the trend changes, black tights are always out of date. When you don't know what pants to wear in winter, a pair of black tights will never go wrong. In the street photos of fashionistas, black skinny jeans are the pants with the highest appearance rate. They are not only thin and stylish, but most importantly, they are versatile, whether they are matched with windbreakers, down jackets or even Chinese retro style jackets, black tights We can adapt to all changes without change. We only need to learn from the outfits of the fashionistas in the picture above, and we can wear them in style and make them beautiful throughout the winter. Dressing in winter, bottoming shirts, sweaters and coats are stacked on top of each other, it is easy to look bloated, and it is all about the bottoms to look thin. No matter how thick the upper body is, as long as you match it with a pair of skinny jeans to show your slender legs, you can Dissolve the heavy and clumsy upper body clothes, from black coats, red sweaters to small suit jackets, with black skinny jeans are perfect, so that the overall dress presents a simple and neat feeling, looks very thin. 3: black straight trousers The straight-leg trousers look very straight, the looseness is just right, and there is no sense of restraint, so it is very comfortable to wear. At the same time, the straight-type trousers can modify the leg line, which is very suitable for O-shaped legs, X-shaped legs and other leg shapes that are not perfect. Office workers are especially suitable for wearing black straight trousers with a black suit jacket to create an elegant and intellectual commuting look. If you want to wear a fashionable athflow style, you can match it with white shoes or dad sneakers, and add a black baseball cap to become a fashionista. Earth-colored items are very mainstream fashion items in winter, such as brown, camel coats, khaki trench coats, etc., which are all must-have items that are both elegant and aura. The earth-colored coat is paired with black high-waisted straight-leg trousers. The tones of both are quiet, but they can set off each other with a more advanced texture. The overall color matching is low-key and quiet but very elegant, looking simple but not simple. Show unique taste. 4: Black wide-leg pants Wide-leg trousers can best interpret the aura of a fashionable "big woman". The loose version can be worn freely and is more elegant and agile when walking. The drapey black wide-leg pants are versatile and thin, so you don't have to worry about being fat, and you can easily wear long legs. In winter, wear black wide-leg pants with gray, camel coats or other earth-colored trench coats, walk with the wind, free and easy, simple and elegant without losing the elegance and femininity.Read more at:white prom dress uk | yellow prom dresses uk
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  4. Coat is an essential item in winter, which can keep warm and wear out aura, while jeans are a casual item suitable for all seasons. When matched with coat, it can dissolve the dull and formal feeling of coat and is suitable for winter wear. Bring a relaxed and casual atmosphere. In the winter street shots of many fashionable elites, we can see a lot of looks in coats and jeans. They look simple, but very fashionable and beautiful. I believe that everyone will fall in love with these "coat + jeans" collocation demonstrations. Plaid coat + jeans The plaid elements are classic and retro, from plaid suit jackets to plaid coats are very popular. However, the plaid coats in autumn and winter are usually gray, black, and brown. Although they are more advanced, they are easy to look old-fashioned. To solve this problem, matching jeans is the best choice. Blue high-waist straight-leg jeans are especially recommended here. This type of trousers is not too tight and can modify the leg shape to make the legs look straighter. With a gray checkered coat, it is visually more coordinated. The overall wear presents a relaxed and fashionable sense. For a plaid coat with a simple and light color, you can also try matching black jeans. The trousers can be slightly more self-cultivating. If you match short boots, it is recommended to choose cropped trousers. The overall feeling is more chic and neat. A black sweater is also chosen for the jacket, which is the same color as the jeans. It is visually thin and tall. You can also add a jeans jacket between the overcoat and the base sweater to increase the sense of hierarchy while adding a casual taste. The outfits are both fashionable and show personal taste. Camel coat + jeans Camel coats are very popular in autumn and winter. They are soft and elegant. They look a little bit of artistic temperament. They are low-key and high-end. They are very suitable for concave shapes in winter. Camel and blue are very elegant color combinations. In the winter, choose a camel coat and blue jeans. The color is soft and bright, which makes the whole body look light and relaxed. Match it with a pair of retro brown loafers for a more casual atmosphere. Wear it as a whole. It has a sense of casualness and looks more fashionable and stylish. When black and black are matched together, they can contrast with each other and become more textured. So you can also use black jeans with a camel coat. Choose popular tight-fitting black ripped jeans for better slimming effect. With a mid-length camel coat, the black base shirt and black jeans echo each other to make the outfit more integrated. Adding a white shirt in the middle layer can increase the lightness and refreshing feeling, and look more elegant and temperament. In addition, the rich dark camel coat and bright blue jeans also go well. This hue will be darker to a camel coat, so when matching blue jeans, the color of the pants is best to choose a brighter blue, so that the color contrast between the coat and the pants is stronger, so that the overall dress will not be dull. Black coat + jeans A black coat has a strong sense of formal wear, and it is easy to look serious and rigid if it is not matched properly. Pairing with jeans, a casual item with its own taste, can achieve a perfect balance in style. Pair a black coat with blue jeans. It is recommended to match a black high-neck bottoming shirt. At the same time, adopt the fashionable "sandwich stacking method", which is to add a shirt between the black bottoming shirt and the coat jacket, aqua blue shirt or white shirt They are all suitable. Lightweight shirts can reduce the overall weight of the outfit, achieve a balance between lightness and weight, and have more layers of beauty. A black coat is paired with blue high-waisted straight-leg jeans. You can also add earth-toned items to the inside to make the overall outfit more colorful. For example, choose a sweet brown round neck sweater for the inner coat of the coat, add a khaki beret as the echo, and then use the blue denim shirt and jeans to echo the tone and style to create a retro and retro style. Feeling casual. When matching a black coat with jeans, if you want to wear a sassy feeling, you can choose tight-fitting blue jeans with black boots. At the same time, choose black for the inner sweater and bag to keep the color of the whole body clothing in Between black and blue, the overall color scheme is extremely simple, cool and neat, beautiful and rusty. If you want to wear a black coat with a relaxed and casual street feel, you can choose a slightly looser sweater as the inner layer. The color of the jeans can be lighter. The most important thing is that the inner sweater should not be completely folded into the waistband, and the hem should fall naturally. It can present a relaxed, free and unrestrained feeling, with a pair of old sneakers and a certain knitted hat. The overall match is a casual street casual style, good-looking and fashionable.Read more at: prom dresses uk online | abiti da cerimonia economici online
  5. The pants with small feet that were once all the rage have gradually lost their popularity. This is because everyone finds that this type of trousers is not as good as other trousers in covering the legs. Especially some tasteful women, they all like to use the combination of straight pants and high heels to modify their legs to extend their height, which is very tall and exquisite. 01 The most classic denim straight pants Straight-leg pants are actually quite common trousers. How to wear and use can make them show a decent effect. When women don't want to spend their brains thinking about what kind of trousers they should wear every day, they can start with a few blue denim straight-leg pants, which are also exceptionally classic. On the one hand, denim straight pants use this wear-resistant fabric to stand the test of time, on the other hand, clean colors can also create different depth and brightness. But as long as it belongs to the category of blue, the overall beauty created by it is still fresh and casual. Denim straight-leg pants can show up in a variety of shapes, no matter the temperature, no matter what age women are in, they can use them without pressure and difficulty. Retaining straight-fit jeans can also show an extremely smooth sense of lines. But it is different from the obvious characteristics of a sense of competence created by suit pants, but more gentle. Denim straight-leg pants are actually a kind of nonchalant existence, as long as you feel that your leg shape is slightly flawed, you can use it to cover it. The choice of colors is also abundant, which can be smoky gray, black, or blue with various tones. The final color selection still has to be closely related to the color selection of other single products. Like this pair of jeans, it is also designed with cropped trousers, which can help women focus on highlighting and emphasizing the thinness of the foot line, especially the ankle. With a pair of green high-heeled shoes, the color complement has a bright spot, but the addition and filling of this hue will not affect the skin tone. 02 Long coat + straight pants + high heels The combination of straight-leg pants and high-heeled shoes, borrowing the version of the pants to optimize the shape of the legs, and using the sole connection of the high-heeled shoes to optimize the height, can be said to control the effect of showing height and thinning at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. At the same time, in the choice of outerwear, you can directly use the long coat to further make the individual's figure look very slim and make the individual's temperament extremely outstanding. The choice of long coats is abundant, but as long as the color is not too difficult to match, it can meet the various dressing needs of women. For example, this set of clothes can bring some enlightenment to women. The simpler the color combination, the more beautiful and advanced it looks. There are some differences in the design of the long coat in terms of appearance, but it is not as obvious as the color, and the color is also a major element that distinguishes them, and its importance must not be underestimated. Compared with pure black or white, blue is more recognizable. The blue long coat is mainly used with straight trousers and high heels. The color of the trousers and shoes echoes, and the effect of heightening is at your fingertips. However, not all women can flexibly control the blue long coat, after all, there are obvious requirements for skin color. If you want to increase the whiteness of the skin tone, you can use the khaki type. The khaki long coat is actually a universal good product, which is mainly reflected in its ability to keep women's dressing style always in a qualified or even excellent level. With straight pants and high heels, the choice of color is even more unrestrained. It can be a dark type, and the color can also be a little bright and lively. 03 Don't choose high heels too exaggerated In the combination of straight-leg pants and high-heeled shoes, because the version of the pants has been fixed, it is necessary to accurately filter and screen the color of these two types of items. In addition to the color, the high-heeled shoes do not need to be exaggerated. If the heel appears to be thin and narrow, it looks difficult to control. Like this high-heeled shoes, its color complement is very simple, and the height of the shoes is also appropriate. With denim straight-leg pants, it combines a casual style and a refined feeling. It’s no wonder that more and more women don’t like to wear knickers. This is because this type of trousers always fits the leg shape without any discomfort, the leg shape is bloated, and the leg lacks a sense of symmetry, so it is easy to pass through. The fabric of the pants is completely exposed. This winter, you might as well try a combination of straight-leg pants and high-heeled shoes to help short-legged and short women find dresses that optimize their body shape immediately. This set of collocation will be very simple. Straight-leg pants are classic in color. The width of the pants is also appropriate, and the leg type is inclusive, and it will not show the various shortcomings of the legs. Matching pointed high heels can inject a bit of mature charm into women.Read more at: black lace prom dress | royal blue evening gown
  6. Grooming yourself carefully every day is also a long-term investment, and the benefits you get are the increasing charm of women day by day. Women in their forties should not wear clothes that are too sloppy or uncut. Instead, they must use some noble shapes to construct a high-level temperament. The following long coats are worth a try. Whether it is selection or matching, they can bring some ideas to women. 01 Long coat with various shoes It is generally recommended that mature women use long coats. This is because this type of clothing is the easiest to tolerate personal body defects, and the typographic design of the clothing itself can be borrowed to add a bit of temperament and aura. In the use of long coats, it is not distinguished from the color aspect, but a breakthrough from various matching methods. It can be used to match a variety of shoes. These three long coats combine different shoe types. Pointed high heels add a mature and elegant charm, and small short boots are more warm and modern. They are all good matching objects. If you want to use long coats and shoes to build something that can look taller and look more capable, it is recommended that you use pointed high heels and its matching. The height of the soles of pointed high heels does not need to be exaggerated, but it must also have a certain effect on height adjustment. These two long coats are combined with high heels that are simple and easy to match. There are different shades of color, which will affect the interpretation of style. A dark long coat can be matched with shoes of the same color, and light colors can also be combined with shoes of similar colors. The color matching of the shape will not be disordered and will not be messy. 02 Variety of colors in long coats Ladies who love to dress up must prepare a few long coats in the closet, use different colors to create different styles, and use colors to highlight a variety of temperaments. The colors of long coats are extremely changeable and rich. How do you choose the one that suits you? Observe your skin color first. For fair skin, you can try any color without pressure. If your skin is not very white, you must avoid trying bright colors, which will affect the difficulty of wearing. Take this camel long coat as an example. It is a frequent visitor in winter and can often be used in winter looks. The waist-waist style outlines a somewhat exquisite curve, the style design is smooth and atmospheric, the neckline is not procrastinated, and the black interior is concise and perfect. The camel long coat can add some obvious temperament to women in their forties, and it can also make their outfits show a simple and high-end feeling. In terms of appearance, there are some distinctions. If you have the stitching of the waistband, this thin waistband can make the silhouette of the clothing look not loose and lack of curve beauty. The color of the waistband can be changed at will. If it is black, the demarcation point between the waist is more obvious, and the same color as the coat of the jacket, then the shape will be more harmonious and simpler. There are not many requirements for the color use of a long coat, because the material itself determines its warmth retention effect, and the use of color is only to make the style presentation not too similar or maintaining too similar attributes. The color of the coat can be black, white and earth color. The long black coat is full of calm effect, so that women do not have too much worries when matching. The classic colors create a retouching effect on the figure, and how you look at it is very advanced. The light-colored long coat also has some charm, it creates a gentle attribute. The black long coat is basically a single product that women wear when they enter the winter. This is because it is full of charm and can be easily controlled regardless of height or body shape. However, the black long coat also has a shortcoming, that is, the addition of color will cause the heaviness to be enlarged. In the use of trousers, remember to match the white trousers. This is the easiest way. Use black and white to construct an atmospheric whole. 03 Different silhouette designs for long coats The different temperament brought by the long coat is mainly derived from the difference in color, and is also closely related to its contour design. Some coats can always show a full of aura image, because their surface is more three-dimensional. Both of these two long coats are like this. It can create a very formal dress and a full sense of commuting. The more this long coat with the modification of the shoulder position, the more straight the whole posture of the woman can be. More upright and more beautiful. Long coats can help women create colorful outfits. For women in their forties, they must first see whether the color matches, and second, observe its layout. Wearing these two coats will not create a style that is too distant, but a gentle picture can be constructed through color and simple layout. The design of the clothing at the shoulder position can fit the shoulder line, so there will be no The trouble of widening the shoulders.Read more at: black prom dresses uk | green prom dresses uk
  7. 1. Hablamos con la warpa y vamos al dungeon "Byalan Dungeon Level 4 y nos dirijimos hacia las coordenadas: 227 185: Y nos pedirá los siguientes items para el armor de agua (0): 75x Mystic Frozen 1x Full Plate (1) 20x Glistening Coat 100x Coral Reef 1x SwordFish Card 750,000z y nos dará el Water Armor (0): 2. Para colocarle slot hablamos con el mismo NPC en la opción "I would like to upgrade my armor to a slotted version" Y nos pedirá lo siguiente: 1x Saphien's Armor of Ocean (0) 500x Blue Hair 50x Aquamarine Le entregamos los items y nos dará el Water Armor (1):
  8. 1. Hablamos con la Warpa, seleccionamos Dungeon y luego Pyramid Basement 2 para dirigirnos hacia: 87 180 2. Hablaremos con "Earth Spirit" y para la armor de tierra (0) sin slot nos pedirá: 75x Great Nature 1x Full Plate (1) 100x Acid Bottle Creation Guide 100x Steel 1x Sandman Card 750,000z 3. Nos dará el armor de tierra (0): 4. Ahora para colocarle slot con el mismo NPC en la opción "I would like to upgrade my Armor to a slotted version" y nos pedirá: 1x Claytos Cracking Earth Armor (0) 100x Scorpion Tail 175x Turtle Shell 5. Le damos los items y nos entregará la versión con slot:
  9. 1. Vamos a hu_fild02 (146, 254) que para llegar aqui podemos ir caminando desde Hugel luego 1 mapa abajo > 2 hacia la izquierda y 1 hacia arriba: 2. Le hablaremos y le daremos la opción "I accept" y nos pedirá ver a su nieta que se encuentra en el mismo mapa en las coordenadas (155 199): Y nos preguntará por los siguientes items: 400x Yarn 100x 2Carat Diamonds 2 Claymore 1000x Fluff 30x White Dyestuff, 15x Darkgreen Dyestuff. 3. Una vez tengamos los items en nuestro inventario seleccionamos la opción "No need I have them already": Y nos dará un "Chocolate" como agradecimiento: 4. Para finalizar vamos de nuevo donde la abuela "Lorraine" quien nos dará nuestros "Blank Eyes" (1)*: *ADVERTENCIA: SI BIEN EN LA DESCRIPCIÓN NO TIENEN SLOT, SI PERMITEN COLOCARLE UNA CARD AL IGUAL QUE LA "ODIN MASK".
  10. 1. Vamos hacia Izlude y luego hacia la derecha (211, 128) y entramos al portal cercano. 2. Entramos en el portal de la izquierda. 3. Encontraremos al NPC "Grandpa" y le hablaremos: 4. Nos pedirá: 1x Boy's Cap (quest en: How to Make Boy's Cap - Ragnarok Online (ratemyserver.net): Que nos pedirá 10x Tiger's Footskin's) 50x Tiger's Footskin's (Haciendo un total de 60x Tiger's footskin's en total) 1,000,000z. 5. Obtendremos nuestro Baseball Cap:
  11. 1. En Amatsu un mapa arriba (ama_fild01 331, 134) entramos en la locación para hablar con el único NPC "Dragon". BLUE DRAGON WINGS DARKGREEN DRAGON WINGS BLACK DRAGON WINGS BROWN DRAGON WINGS CYAN DRAGON WINGS
  12. 1. Entramos en Prontera (175, 188) donde se encuentra el NPC que refina. 2. Posteriormente ingresamos a la sala de la izquierda < y hablamos con el NPC "Perchik" 3. Nos pedirá 3x Refine Tokens (Id 30100) 500,000 zeny Por cada item que queramos colocarle el nombre (tendremos que tenerlo equipado) ADVERTENCIA: SÓLO FUNCIONA EN ITEMS EQUIPABLES QUE NO TENGAN SLOT. ESTE PROCESO ES IRREVERSIBLE, UNA VEZ COLOCADO EL NOMBRE NO SE LE PODRÁ BORRAR.
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