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Found 1 result

  1. Hello dear players. In this guide you can find a way to quest the Axe of Omniscience (Leg Creator) ... The steps are: 1. We will go to Aldebaran Town and enter the next house (68.56). Follow the images. 2. We will talk to the NPC Jeremiah, which is between the two book shelves. We will ask what happens. 3. After talking to him for a while he will ask us for the following items: 200 Research Charts 4. When we deliver them, he will tell us a story and ask us for more items: 1 Sage┬┤s Diary 50 Stoge of Sage 5. When delivering the items, he will ask for more and more items ... (this guy thinks I'm rich, xD): 50 Steel 50 Iron 1000 Clattering Skulls 300 Animal Gore 250 Resin 20 Necklace of Wisdom 200 Gold Coin 50 Bloody Edge 6. Deliver them and ask for other items: 1 Dagger of Counter 50 Old Card Album 20 Forbidden Red Candles 20 Executtioner┬┤s Mitten 50 Gold 1 Deviling Card 1 Dracula Card 7. Finally when we deliver these last items we will finish telling the story and give us the AoO Well guys, that has been all ... We hope this guide has been helpful .. Remember to comment if you have any difficulty to perform the quest !!! See you soon......
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