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Luxe Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses We Love!

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Emerald is a lush color, that is perfect for a lavish wedding. We can’t think about any reason not to have your girls wear bright green bridesmaid dresses! It looks gorgeous with gold and can make your bridesmaids feel ravishing. Need some tips and inspiration regarding how to style your girls within this stunning shade of green? Take a look at probably the most popular FeelTimes emerald junior bridesmaid dresses!

Why Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses?

Signifying abundance, prosperity, and growth - green is the best color for any wedding! Emerald, however, kicks things up a notch. This jewel-tone oozes luxury and class. It also looks great on a variety of skin colors. Not to mention, bright green is incredibly versatile! It works with lots of different color palettes and wedding themes. As of late, jewel-themed weddings are specifically popular. This palette would contain emerald, ruby, sapphire, and fuchsia. We love mixing black and gold into this palette too. If you’re going for any lighter look, make it simple with crisp whites, emerald, and a lot of gold. You’ll end up with a palette fit for any queen!

Emerald Green Fabric Swatches

Want your bridesmaid to put on mismatched dresses? Check out this choice of FeelTimes color swatches. This line-up is a perfect illustration of how to use swatches to produce a wedding color palette. Feel free to steal this number of colors for the green-themed bridesmaid gowns!

Try-On Bridesmaid Dresses at Home!

From modern designs to full-figured options, feeltimes has endless emerald bridesmaid options! This rich color is ideal for a luxurious wedding, regardless of the season. It is versatile and suits several wedding themes, and can complement all of your girls. If one of these bright green bridesmaid dresses caught your skills, tell us in the comments!

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