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Call for the position of Sub Gm

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Good morning Berserkers

We officially open the call for the position of Sub Gm on our server. In this topic you can post your application with the following requirements

1. Game time in Ragnarok online.

2. Experience related to the position of GM in Ragnarok online.

3. Servers you have played in the last 5 years.

4. Have a minimum time availability of 4 hours per day.

5. Be respectful with the players, the impartial with the decisions.

6. Master at least 2 languages (English and Spanish).

In addition to this information, you must answer the following questions:

a. ¿What are your reasons for joining the Berserker Staff?

b. ¿What would you contribute to the Berserker community and tell us about your improvement plan for our server?

C. ¿Why should we choose you as Sub Gm and what would you do to improve our varied Staff?

We wish good luck to those who want to be part of the staff in the next few days we will be communicating our decision

Berserker Staff

Muy buenos dias Berserkers

Oficialmente abrimos la convocatoria para el cargo de Sub Gm en nuestro servidor.
En este topico pueden postear su aplicativo con los siguientes requerimientos

1. Tiempo de juego en Ragnarok online.

2. Experiencia relacionada con el cargo de Gm en Ragnarok online.

3. Servidores que has jugado en los ultimos 5 años.

4. Tener disponibilidad de tiempo minímo de 4 horas por dia.

5. Ser respetuoso con los jugadores el imparcial con las decisiones.

6. Dominar minímo 2 idiomas (Ingles y español).

Adicional a esta información deberás responder a las siguientes preguntas:

a. ¿Cuales son tus razones para ingresar al Staff de Berserker?

b. ¿Qué le aportarias tu a la comunidad de Berserker y cuentanos tu plan de mejoramiento para nuestro servidor?

c. ¿Por qué deberíamos escogerte a ti como Sub Gm, y que harias para mejorar nuestro variado Staff?

Les deseamos mucha suerte a los que desean hacer parte del staff en los proximos dias estaremos comunicandoles nuestra desicion

Berserker Staff.


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My applications for SUB-GM requirements: -WilloW

1. I have been playing Ragnarok for at least 8 years in differente servers from low-mid to mid-high rates.

2. My experiences in the area of GM are: Support Staff, Event GM, and basic Developer knowledge.

I have the availability required and the knowledge in both languages and a basic knowledge of others if required.


a. My main reasons are wanting the server to keep growing and entertaining our players with my experience in events as well as giving the necessary support to our staff and to our players when is required,

b. My plans to improve our great server is try to balance the server to give it longer life furthermore the fact of keep our players active and engaged with Berserker. This can be achieved/done with some improvements in the areas of balancing jobs, improve the economy, fix some bugs/exploits, ponder the stats of donations in order to give similar stats and none get more out of it than others (however consider some only for specific jobs), and others plans/improvements like improve and balance MVP dmg dealt/health and the lvling of those mvps who need lvl to let some killers won despite of the great PVP of his teams.

c. Firstly, just as a measure of your Berserker Staff experience I really believe that my knowledge can be useful to solve and improve this server. So, even that, my active commitment and knowledge in the area will allow me to carry out an integral work as part of this great Staff.



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Posted (edited)

Hi Everyone!, here's my application for Sub-GM

1-I've been playing for over 10 years in mid-rate servers

2- Never been a GM but I always have been reporting bugs, suggestions and testing new thing with the game Staffs

3- Excalibur RO, Berserker RO

4- I speak English and Spanish

a. I really love this server and i'love to see it grows day by day and be part of that by helping, supporting players and staffs

b. I'd improve the balance of the server to make it even more balanced jobs and gameplay, make it more enjoyable, listening to players and taking notes from them. Also fix bugs, fix not functional NPCs, adding more quests, guides, builds to the forums, another idea/plan is to make competitive events and a PVP Pro room where players cant use Berry 🙂  and the most important thing is that players feel that they're not alone and have support all the time.

c. I'm result oriented and a believer of teamwork, combined with that i'm a very active player, plenty of time to be online due to i work from home, always friendly and respectful willing to help everyone.



-chars: Merlina, Fu Yin, Sarah Connor

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From this moment on, the Berserker Ro community is informed, the call for the Sub Gm vacancy is closed ... We appreciate your participation ... The chosen one will be notified Ingame and the subsequent presentation will be made.

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