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Coin Exchanger - Berserker RO

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Hello guys in this guide we will learn the coin exchange process (zeny to coin and coin to zeny) via "Coin Exchanger" NPC located at Prontera (180, 214):

1. We talk with Coin Exchanger old man located aside from Banker NPC:

Hablaremos con el NPC anciano "Coin Exchanger" localizado al costado del NPC Banker:


2. He will give us two options // Él nos dará dos opciones:

a) Convert Zeny into Bags (Bag of Gold Coins) // Convertir Zeny en Bag of Gold Coins


b) Convert Bag of Gold Coins into Zeny // Convertir Bag of Gold Coins en Zeny


In this case we will choose convert a Bag of Gold Coins into Zeny:

En este caso escogeremos convertir la Bag of Gold Coins en Zeny:


3. Finally if you want to convert your Bag of Gold Coins into Zeny you must choose the first option:

Finalmente si queremos convertir nuestra Bag of Gold Coins en Zeny deberemos escoger la primera opción:



To avoid losing money, make maximum conversions of 2 Billions (2,000,000,000z).

Para evitar pérdidas de dinero realicen conversiones máximas de dinero de 2 Billones (2,000,000,000z).

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